Mar 30, 2012

Just what you deserve

Thomas had a phone interview this morning with Kroger for an internal IT position. I was still sleeping but I heard his voice in the living room and slowly made my way to the couch next to him. I only heard half of the conversation of course, but I think the interview went really well -- Tom has this incredible ability to communicate with people and I think it really served him well during the call. I was beaming with pride as he talked about himself -- not with the overly critical pessimism with which he brings himself down with but with a strong, confidence that made me realize why I fell in love with him.

When he mentioned his studies at Ball State University there was a short pause followed by "I did not... I moved out here to take care of my girlfriend, so it's been tough to finish the one or two classes I need to graduate." I was in the kitchen at the time pouring myself a glass of milk and I almost burst into tears with guilt. This man completely left his work, school, family and friends in Indiana and traveled thousands of miles to a strange state where he didn't know anyone else but me.


Because I asked him to.

Mar 22, 2012

Short, useless post

Not much of an appetite lately, but Tom made me pancakes this morning and I ate them happily.