Aug 7, 2018

Starting the HB Tab

So I'm trying to get preggers. My doctor said I should take prenatal vitamins beforehand. You know, to help baby's new home. So cue VitaFusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins. My normal multivitamins are gummies and baby's not going to ruin this for me.

They're essentially like candy. It's great. Prob more sugar than I need, but I suppose if that's what it takes to mask the fish smell/taste, so be it.

I've been able to snag a 90-count bottle (two a day, so good for 45 days) for about $10, which is a steal.

I had the bright idea of starting a HB tab -- that is, how much Hypothetical Baby is costing me.

3 bottles of these has cost me $29.63 so far. Thanks Hypothetical Baby.

$18.99 for a set of 25 ovulation pee test strips that have, frankly, caused me more stress than anything else. don't think I'll be buying more, but I'm adding these to HB's tab too.

$18.47 for a set of five pregnancy tests. I got the kind that flat out says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" because the lines I've had to deal with on the ovulation test strips are irritating. Just tell me what I want to know in plain English, thanks.

Current HB tab: $67.09