Jun 30, 2012

From my sixth grade choir class

step by step. day by day. inch by inch, all the way.

bit by bit. mile by mile,
and little by little you're there.

if you can't climb a mountain then climb a hill
that's much better than standing still
there's a way if you've got the will
and little by little you're there."

Jun 26, 2012

Getting my hopes up

Got a call from AM Income Life about a job opening. I don't remember applying to a place with that name, but I've submitted so many applications that I can't be sure. They didn't mention the position at all, didn't ask about anything on my resume, didn't tell me anything about the company... but wanted me in for an interview. I agreed happily. After quick Google Search I see numerous complains that the company scams, making people shell out hundreds of dollars for training and licensing and books, etc.


Jun 23, 2012

Why Georgia

Sometimes I really wonder if I'm supposed to be married or have children or own a house or have a successful career or whatever by now.

Quarter-life crisis?