May 5, 2014

Blank Walls

The walls of my apartment are bare so I want to decorate them with some sort of nice art. Unfortunately, the conversation I have in my head when considering what should accent the walls goes something like, "What would be good to hang here? What would I like to see in this spot every day? What would represent me? Who am I? What I stand for?" Then I over-analyze each possibility, eventually dismissing it for one reason or another. My walls continue to remain bare year after year.

I want something people can see when they come over to visit that shows what the kind of people who live here are like, but instead all they get to view is blank, white walls. Perhaps that is a good representation, then? Paralyzed by the inability to decide, I go with the most plain, unassuming wall color as well.

It's silly that I hang so much (Get it? Hang. Because it's wall decor!...) on art that's just going to sit there on the wall, something I can even take down if I don't like it anymore. But I do. I absolutely do. And every time I look up at these blank walls I am reminded at how incapable I am of making even the simplest decisions. I think the only way I will get any decorations on our walls are if we get a gift from someone or if, god forbid, I make an impulse purchase one day.

So it occurred to me that that same solution can be applied to any other situation. Stagnation is best defeated with immediate action without regard to consequences and is always easier with a friend. I'm going to get something to decorate my walls this weekend. It may suck, but it'll be a good start.

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